FAQ RECRUTING - all you need to know for applying


Q: How do I apply?

A: Really easy! Select the job you'd like to apply for and click the "APPLY NOW" button at the end of the job description. It will forward you to our applicant management system. Just follow the instructions and you're in the race.

If you just have a quick question about a specific position, the hiring process or the company in general you can also easily rouch out via phone: +49 (0)30 609 87 56. Get in touch!

Q: What information should I provide?

A: All needed information is being asked for within the application template. In addition you should write a short motivation text and upload your up-to-date CV, acquired degrees and, if available, references (all as pdf please). A photo would be a nice-to-have as it helps to complete the whole picture of you.

For certain positions some extra information will be helpful, e.g. portfolios for designer positions, links to published writings for content positions, github references for development positions. But you'll find these kind of requests in the specific job ads.

Q: In what language should I apply?

A: English should be your first choice. If you find a job ad in another language, German for example, you may also apply in that language. However, as English is the common office language, applying in English already tells us about your language skills.

Q: Do i need to speak german?

A: Unless stated otherwise in the specific job ad (e.g. as for German editors), speaking German is no requirement. BUT, you definitely should speak English at a conversational level as it is our common language for internal communication.

Q: Do I need to be located in Berlin?

A: No, not at all. We highly encourage people from all over the world to join our team. Of course, being located nearby makes the process much faster, but if the perfect match is from a different country or even from a different continent, that's no obstacle for us. And we'll provide as much support as possible to help you with any visa and other relocation issues.

You already decided to relocate to Berlin? Take a look at this guide about moving to Berlin! It will help you getting started here.

Q: what does the application process look like?

A: Mostly, the different phases are: applying, telephone interview, one or two personal interviews, offer, start. Depending on the desired position there might be additional steps, e.g. writing tasks for editors, coding challenges for developers, sample pitches for sales.

Usually you'll receive a first individual feedback within one week. The length of the entire process then depends on the position, it's specific process steps and of course on the number of incoming applications. Always feel free to get in touch, if you have the feeling that it's time for another feedback.

Q: I want to be part of Fonpit, but haven't found the perfect job yet. Can I still apply?

A: Yes, please. Simply use the "GET CONNECTED" button and you'll be forwarded to our talent pool. We can then check regularily if a matching position has come up.

Q: I know someone who would be the perfect fit for fonpit. can i refer him/her?

A: Definately! Just send him/her the link to our website or to a specific job or use our "tag-a-friend" program. On our facebook page you'll find a picture you can use for tagging someone. Click on it and mark it as a person you want to refer to us. In the comments you can leave a short note, what job you think, he or she could match.

Q: Who is on the recruiting team


Eva - HR Manager, with Fonpit since 10/2017

Eva - HR Manager, with Fonpit since 10/2017