Lunch Roulette

A challenge every growing company is facing... get's more difficult to get and stay in touch with each other. Especially when people work in different parts of the company that have barely any touching points.

Our solution to it: we implemented a "Lunch Roulette".

This is how it works:

We're in the lucky situation of having a weekly company lunch anyway. So what we do now is, the day before we draw* and announce six employee names for a lunch date on that Wednesday's company lunch. Those 6 are then having lunch together in one of our meeting rooms which is reserved for them only.

The weekly "lucky 6" announcement

The weekly "lucky 6" announcement

* Drawing in this case means about 2 to 3 people rolling dices and combining the numbers to staff IDs and then add 3 more people knowing they will make it an interesting combination :)

First results:

So far we've had three of these Lunch Roulettes and the feedback on it was onyl positive. We believe it's an awesome chance to meet with team mates one haven't talked to in a while or even not at all and therefor a great chance to increase team spirit.