Back to the Roots - Welcome-Back-Interview with Fabien Röhlinger

"...da bin ich wieder" (here I am again) - this is how Fabien announced his return to AndroidPIT last Saturday (read full article here).

On Inside Fonpit Fabi talks about the reason for his return, upcoming challenges and his love for AndroidPIT.

Inside Fonpit (IF): Fabi, in your article on AndroidPIT you mentioned, that this was the right point of time to return to Fonpit. Why do you think so?


Even though I was not working with Fonpit anymore, I was constantly following AndroidPIT and I noticed, that the quality of the articles published wasn't as I (and our readers as well) would expect it to be. This is probably due to the immense growth that AndroidPIT has been undergoing.
I am not saying that I would be the perfect one to solve this, however, I know the company pretty well and for sure I am pretty persistent when it comes to pursuing goals. And my goal is that people meet you at a fair and go like "Woah, you're working at AndroidPIT? Wow!!!"

IF: After a couple of weeks back with the gang, how do you feel so far?

Well, I am absolutely not what you would call a patient person. If it was up to me, we'd proceed much faster with the changes we're currently working on.  But in general it is lots of fun. I really enjoy getting up in the morning, knowing that I'll be going to that great company.  Though I have to admit that right now, I barely see the wood for the trees. There is so much to tackle to  someday achieve what I have in mind - a global editorial team creating awesome content.

IF: From your point of view, what will be the biggest challenge for AndroidPIT?

Looking at the editorial, the biggest challenge will be to create the ideal teams and processes to reach the goal of a global content team. We have to find the perfect match of people and positions/roles. This is still quite tough to figure out.

IF: And for you personally?

The most difficult thing is to choose the right path towards our goals. I have to find a good balance between being action-driven and being relaxed. I want to be fast-paced, but not become headless.

IF: What do you think has changed the most since you've been gone?

EVERYTHING! I think there are only about 5 people left that I have been working with back in 2012. It's like a total restart. There is a new way of working, new rooms, new processes... It's a "real" company now acting on a totally different level. Something really great has evolved here.

IF: Anything else?

It's great that I'm back! I enjoy being here again!
Fabien - Founder, member of the board and editorial lead

Fabien - Founder, member of the board and editorial lead

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