Summer Party 2016 - Peace, Love, Sun & Fun

Almost half of 2016 is already gone. So it was about time for our 2016 summer party...

On Friday we offically closed the office at noon to collect the entire gang at the park nearby. The orga team picked and prepared a super nice and shady spot (with 34°C shadow was a must-have) and turned it into a Flowerpower scenery.

There was everything it needed to generate a feeling of peace, love, sun and fun: blankets and pillows to chill in the heat; ice buckets filled with water, soda and beer; Woodstock sounds from a huge musicbox; a yummy BBQ; games and activities like boule, badminton, football, viking chess and of course our beloved beerpong table.

To make a long story short:

It was a great event, just as expected. I'll let the images tell the rest :)