Last week @ Fonpit...

A little more than a week has passed...
time for reviewing last week's highlights!



Our photographer Ira came up with an awesome idea: she placed a box in the lobby asking for article ideas for AndroidPIT; giving non-editors the chance to contribute to our site's content as well. Thanks Ira, great thinking!


And action! Filming for our Lenovo campaign #DasistmeinMoto: several editors were encouraged to discover their video capabilities. Why Eric needed to wear a helmet is part of a different story regarding WhatsApp & gifs. Curious? Take a look!


Office dog Holly suffered from a severe tonsillitis with lots of coughing, groaning, grazing and what usually follows right after (not too much detail here...). Self-made frozen yoghurt and lots of love from all employees helped her riding it out.


Susanna, one of our developers, and Italian with abandon :) brought some authentic Italian food and prepared a delicious little hearty snack for the devs who stayed longer that day. Office dog Pilo supported with a helping hand (or rather snout) and took care of dropping slices.


For some reason, there was absolutely nothing going on on Friday. Perceived half of the gang was absent either being on business trips or off into a longer weekend. The rest of us simply enjoyed some quiet office time and a peak of productivity ;)

And for Feierabend: sunshine to go for everybody - just in case... :D