Meet & Greet May '16

"Welcome to our first annual FUNPIT Oscar Night" [Sherzod]

For May's Meet & Greet we decided  to fully hand over the responsibility of designing and executing their motto of choice to a group of employees composed of product owners, designers and back office staff. And they really did a great job! The team went for an Oscar Night with all the bells and whistles: official invitations, red carpet, festive dress code, little Oscars figures, award ceremony, and so on and so forth.

After a short opening speech by Tobias (CFO/COO) about upcoming challenges and future plans, and a quick run on the super delicious Turkish-style buffet, Sherzod (one of our POs) led us through an extremely funny ceremony awarding FUNPIT Oscars. Awards were given in 12 different categories - 5 determined by public voting during the days before, 6 by a staff jury during a lunch roulette and one during the event.


Second highlight of the night were the final matches of our 2016 table tennis tournament. After some ambitious preliminary rounds and quite tight quarter- and semi-finals, everybody was now excitedly waiting for hte 3rd place match and, of course, the finals.

I wish I could say it was really close and compelling. But to be true, it was quite clear :) In the end, the championship title (and with it a nice Decathlon voucher) went to our Vice President Product Rahul. Tobias, as vice champion, could be pleased with a huge bottle of sparkling wine - which he generously offered to the public for the party that followed.

Awarded Oscars:

  • Dinosaur Award - for the longest ‘standing’ employee
  • Heart of the Company Awardfor the best conversation-starter who cracks jokes and lights up a room with his or her positivity
  • Invisible Wo(Man) Awardfor the employee who seems to be always absent
  • Agent 007 Awardfor the employee whose role is hard to grasp and no one understands what he or she does
  • Blend-A-Med Awardfor the employee with the most beautiful smile
  • The Caffeine Addict Award - for the employee you will always meet at the coffee machine
  • The Social Butterfly AwardSocial Media addict
  • The Megafon Award - for the person with the loudest voice
  • Soda Junkie Award - for the person who seems to be always drinking a soda drink
  • Mama or Papa Bear Award - for the most caring person in the company
  • Meeting Addict - for the employee who just loves setting up meetings for any topic
  • Diva of the Night Award - for the most dressed up person in the room


All in all, it was a successfull evening with great entertainment and great peers. A big THANK YOU goes to the planning committee! You raised the bar quite high for all upcoming events. In this spirit: