Back to the Roots - Welcome-Back-Interview with Fabien Röhlinger

"...da bin ich wieder" (here I am again) - this is how Fabien announced his return to AndroidPIT last Saturday (read full article here).

On Inside Fonpit Fabi talks about the reason for his return, upcoming challenges and his love for AndroidPIT.

Inside Fonpit (IF): Fabi, in your article on AndroidPIT you mentioned, that this was the right point of time to return to Fonpit. Why do you think so?


Even though I was not working with Fonpit anymore, I was constantly following AndroidPIT and I noticed, that the quality of the articles published wasn't as I (and our readers as well) would expect it to be. This is probably due to the immense growth that AndroidPIT has been undergoing.
I am not saying that I would be the perfect one to solve this, however, I know the company pretty well and for sure I am pretty persistent when it comes to pursuing goals. And my goal is that people meet you at a fair and go like "Woah, you're working at AndroidPIT? Wow!!!"

IF: After a couple of weeks back with the gang, how do you feel so far?

Well, I am absolutely not what you would call a patient person. If it was up to me, we'd proceed much faster with the changes we're currently working on.  But in general it is lots of fun. I really enjoy getting up in the morning, knowing that I'll be going to that great company.  Though I have to admit that right now, I barely see the wood for the trees. There is so much to tackle to  someday achieve what I have in mind - a global editorial team creating awesome content.

IF: From your point of view, what will be the biggest challenge for AndroidPIT?

Looking at the editorial, the biggest challenge will be to create the ideal teams and processes to reach the goal of a global content team. We have to find the perfect match of people and positions/roles. This is still quite tough to figure out.

IF: And for you personally?

The most difficult thing is to choose the right path towards our goals. I have to find a good balance between being action-driven and being relaxed. I want to be fast-paced, but not become headless.

IF: What do you think has changed the most since you've been gone?

EVERYTHING! I think there are only about 5 people left that I have been working with back in 2012. It's like a total restart. There is a new way of working, new rooms, new processes... It's a "real" company now acting on a totally different level. Something really great has evolved here.

IF: Anything else?

It's great that I'm back! I enjoy being here again!
Fabien - Founder, member of the board and editorial lead

Fabien - Founder, member of the board and editorial lead

Once AndroidPIT, always AndroidPIT



Summer Party 2016 - Peace, Love, Sun & Fun

Almost half of 2016 is already gone. So it was about time for our 2016 summer party...

On Friday we offically closed the office at noon to collect the entire gang at the park nearby. The orga team picked and prepared a super nice and shady spot (with 34°C shadow was a must-have) and turned it into a Flowerpower scenery.

There was everything it needed to generate a feeling of peace, love, sun and fun: blankets and pillows to chill in the heat; ice buckets filled with water, soda and beer; Woodstock sounds from a huge musicbox; a yummy BBQ; games and activities like boule, badminton, football, viking chess and of course our beloved beerpong table.

To make a long story short:

It was a great event, just as expected. I'll let the images tell the rest :)



ProductTank Berlin

One thing we are very good at, is throwing parties. So far, however, we only had opportunities to organize events and celebration for our own staff. So far...

This week this finally changed: on June 15th we were host for ProductTank #9 - "Data-Driven Product Management". These meet ups are always very popular. So it was not a big surprise that minutes after the announcement had gone online, all 110 seats had been reserved. The much bigger surprise was, that, instead of the predicted 60 people almost 80 product enthusiast came to join the event. 

Welcome @ Fonpit - we were super happy to be hosting this event

Welcome @ Fonpit - we were super happy to be hosting this event

The official ProductTank organisation group brought two awesome speakers: Dripto Sinha, Sr. Product Manager @ ImmobilienScout24 in Toronto, and Stuart Frisby, Principal Designer @ in Amsterdam. Both shared their very own experiences regarding data-driven product management followed by a short Q & A session.

Stuart Frisby, Principal Designer @

Stuart Frisby, Principal Designer @

Dripto Sinha, Senior Product Manager @ ImmobilienScout24

Dripto Sinha, Senior Product Manager @ ImmobilienScout24

Best-in-class pizza from our favorite Italian place  Zia Maria and a sufficient stock of beer (and of course soft drinks) quite a lot of product people stayed for much longer than the official part. Maybe also due to shown EM soccer game France vs. Albania, it wasn't until 11pm that we turned off the lights.

ProductTanks always attract a lot of cool product people

ProductTanks always attract a lot of cool product people

The entire event was a huge success for our internal planning team, a big step forward for our company & employer branding and - most important - a great evening for all attandees.

Full house: probably the greatest amount of people we ever had in our lobby

Full house: probably the greatest amount of people we ever had in our lobby

We want to thank everybody involved - the MeetUp orga team, the speakers, all visitors and all helpers from Fonpit - for their support. It may have been our first official event, but definately not our last!



Hot News: we go WhatsApp

Active applicants and future candidates may now get in touch with us using WhatsApp.

You have a quick question about a vacancy or the company in general?
You briefly want to know about the status of your application?
You want to submit a short additional information? 

Now it's even easier than ever before: 
Just reach out via our Fonpit Job Chat using +49 (0)30 609 858 605*
Get in touch and our recruiting team will answer.



* messaging only, no calls; Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm



Last week @ Fonpit...

A little more than a week has passed...
time for reviewing last week's highlights!



Our photographer Ira came up with an awesome idea: she placed a box in the lobby asking for article ideas for AndroidPIT; giving non-editors the chance to contribute to our site's content as well. Thanks Ira, great thinking!


And action! Filming for our Lenovo campaign #DasistmeinMoto: several editors were encouraged to discover their video capabilities. Why Eric needed to wear a helmet is part of a different story regarding WhatsApp & gifs. Curious? Take a look!


Office dog Holly suffered from a severe tonsillitis with lots of coughing, groaning, grazing and what usually follows right after (not too much detail here...). Self-made frozen yoghurt and lots of love from all employees helped her riding it out.


Susanna, one of our developers, and Italian with abandon :) brought some authentic Italian food and prepared a delicious little hearty snack for the devs who stayed longer that day. Office dog Pilo supported with a helping hand (or rather snout) and took care of dropping slices.


For some reason, there was absolutely nothing going on on Friday. Perceived half of the gang was absent either being on business trips or off into a longer weekend. The rest of us simply enjoyed some quiet office time and a peak of productivity ;)

And for Feierabend: sunshine to go for everybody - just in case... :D



Meet & Greet May '16

"Welcome to our first annual FUNPIT Oscar Night" [Sherzod]

For May's Meet & Greet we decided  to fully hand over the responsibility of designing and executing their motto of choice to a group of employees composed of product owners, designers and back office staff. And they really did a great job! The team went for an Oscar Night with all the bells and whistles: official invitations, red carpet, festive dress code, little Oscars figures, award ceremony, and so on and so forth.

After a short opening speech by Tobias (CFO/COO) about upcoming challenges and future plans, and a quick run on the super delicious Turkish-style buffet, Sherzod (one of our POs) led us through an extremely funny ceremony awarding FUNPIT Oscars. Awards were given in 12 different categories - 5 determined by public voting during the days before, 6 by a staff jury during a lunch roulette and one during the event.


Second highlight of the night were the final matches of our 2016 table tennis tournament. After some ambitious preliminary rounds and quite tight quarter- and semi-finals, everybody was now excitedly waiting for hte 3rd place match and, of course, the finals.

I wish I could say it was really close and compelling. But to be true, it was quite clear :) In the end, the championship title (and with it a nice Decathlon voucher) went to our Vice President Product Rahul. Tobias, as vice champion, could be pleased with a huge bottle of sparkling wine - which he generously offered to the public for the party that followed.

Awarded Oscars:

  • Dinosaur Award - for the longest ‘standing’ employee
  • Heart of the Company Awardfor the best conversation-starter who cracks jokes and lights up a room with his or her positivity
  • Invisible Wo(Man) Awardfor the employee who seems to be always absent
  • Agent 007 Awardfor the employee whose role is hard to grasp and no one understands what he or she does
  • Blend-A-Med Awardfor the employee with the most beautiful smile
  • The Caffeine Addict Award - for the employee you will always meet at the coffee machine
  • The Social Butterfly AwardSocial Media addict
  • The Megafon Award - for the person with the loudest voice
  • Soda Junkie Award - for the person who seems to be always drinking a soda drink
  • Mama or Papa Bear Award - for the most caring person in the company
  • Meeting Addict - for the employee who just loves setting up meetings for any topic
  • Diva of the Night Award - for the most dressed up person in the room


All in all, it was a successfull evening with great entertainment and great peers. A big THANK YOU goes to the planning committee! You raised the bar quite high for all upcoming events. In this spirit: 




5 Questions to...

5 Questions to... Orkhan


I am Sales Manager for content marketing. Means, I am contacting tech companies to offer branding, campaigns, etc. to help them with their brand awareness.


I start my day quite early due to time differences to my clients' location. Plus I love to watch Berlin waking up from our office balcony enjoying some nice coffee :) Then it's something like: checking emails, preparing replies and follow-ups, searching for new clients, etc. And enjoying more coffee of course...


There is a lot I love about this job. To just name a few: handling all the daily challenges, staying up-to-date with the marking, preparing different strategies to meet the various needs of our business partners, but most of all the feeling that blows your motivation after closing a deal!!!


The simplicity in our structures and processes. And "Bier for vier" on Fridays ;)


Orkhan - Jr. Sales Manager APP MEDIA, with Fonpit since 07/2015

Orkhan - Jr. Sales Manager APP MEDIA, with Fonpit since 07/2015



Lunch Roulette

A challenge every growing company is facing... get's more difficult to get and stay in touch with each other. Especially when people work in different parts of the company that have barely any touching points.

Our solution to it: we implemented a "Lunch Roulette".

This is how it works:

We're in the lucky situation of having a weekly company lunch anyway. So what we do now is, the day before we draw* and announce six employee names for a lunch date on that Wednesday's company lunch. Those 6 are then having lunch together in one of our meeting rooms which is reserved for them only.

The weekly "lucky 6" announcement

The weekly "lucky 6" announcement

* Drawing in this case means about 2 to 3 people rolling dices and combining the numbers to staff IDs and then add 3 more people knowing they will make it an interesting combination :)

First results:

So far we've had three of these Lunch Roulettes and the feedback on it was onyl positive. We believe it's an awesome chance to meet with team mates one haven't talked to in a while or even not at all and therefor a great chance to increase team spirit.